Exercise is so good for you, from protecting your brain to increasing your mood to helping you lose weight. But even with all these health benefits, it’s still hard to want to actually exercise. One easy way to get motivated is to wear cool workout clothes to put you in the mood. So if you need some stylish motivation to exercise, check out Nordstrom’s latest markdowns on these cool workout clothes, pieces and accessories.

Ivy Park Cross Back Hooded Crop Top in Grey Marl

Price: $26.98

Source: www.shop.nordstrom.com

This edgy crop top has a triangle cutout in the back, for a fun and unusual style. Perfect for when you want to work up a sweat but still look sexy.

Zella Arrow High Waist Midi Leggings in Grey Graphite Melange

Price: $39.00

Source: www.shop.nordstrom.com

Apart from the minimal, geometric design, these leggings help to keep you cool and dry with their moisture-wicking feature.

Michael Michael Kors Billie Perforated Sneaker in Light Khaki

Price: $94.46

Source: www.shop.nordstrom.com

Fashion meets function in this sporty, comfortable sneaker that you can wear to and from the gym.

Zella Technique Hooded Pullover in Blue Marmara

Price: $38.40

Source: www.shop.nordstrom.com

You can’t go wrong with this comfy gym basic. It dries quickly to keep you feeling cool while you workout.

Zella ‘Hatha’ High Waist Crop Leggings in Grey Graphite Melange

Price: $33.60

Source: www.shop.nordstrom.com

This snug leggings are a big favorite. And what’s not to love with airy mesh side panels, high waisted support and a flattering look?

Nike Elite Cushioned No-Show Tab Running Socks in PhotoBlue

Price: $15.60

Source: www.shop.nordstrom.com

If you’re a runner, you’ll want to slip into these socks before you go for a run. The anti-blistering features help to keep your feet comfortable.

Zella Boxing Bag in Grey Light Heather

Price: $53.40

Source: www.shop.nordstrom.com

Pack your gym gear in this stylish, minimal bag that adds a touch of instant cool to your entire look.

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