It’s hard to believe that Casey Ho doesn’t want to work out. After all, she’s the energetic founder of Blogilates, her Pilates fitness site, as well as her apparel brand, PopFlex. This girl is go, go, go! But in a recent video on her YouTube channel – which has close to 4 million subscribers – Casey shared that she isn’t always motivated to exercise. That’s where her motivation hacks come in handy, and they can probably help you get out of your fitness rut, too. 

First, Casey says a playlist is absolutely essential. As she puts it, it’s the soundtrack for your fitness routine. It should be the same length as your workout, starting with inspiring music to help you warm up, followed by higher energy songs to keep you working hard until the very end.

Then, turn your fitness routine into a game by trying to outperform yourself. By doing so, you’re only comparing yourself to you, and not to other people.

Thirdly, keep your gym bag in your car, packed up with your workout gear, along with a towel, a water bottle, sneakers and your headphones.

And if you have a favorite TV show, save it for the cardio machines. While you’re absorbed in an episode, you won’t even notice that 40 minutes of heart-pumping cardio just flew by. And if you’re dying to see what happens next, don’t watch the next episode at home. Instead, set the rule you can only watch this show when you’re at the gym.

If you treat yourself to a great playlist or your favorite series, working out can be a completely different (and fun) experience. And when you just focus on you and your fitness goals, you’ll be much more inclined to stick with it.

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