Stay cool with these 5 hot weather workout tips

During the summer, it’s amazing that we get to take our fitness routines outside. But that becomes a problem when you have to work out in a stifling heat wave. When the temperatures are too high, workouts can be unbearable and even unsafe. So, to stay safe during your summer workouts, try these five hot weather tips.

Workout early in the morning

Moving your workouts to the morning is smart for two reasons. First, you get it out of the way and don’t have to think about it anymore. Secondly, you fit it in before the sun is high and hot.

Remember to drink lots of water

We should drink about eight glasses of water a day. But be sure to increase the amount of water you drink – especially if your day includes a sweaty workout.

Keep your workout short and sweet 

Short, interval training can increase the amount of calories you burn – even after you workout. So, to keep you from getting overheated, opt for short, intense workouts instead of drawn out routines. 

Wear the right fitness clothes

Whatever you do, don’t wear winter workout clothes during the hot seasons. Instead, look for breathable, sweat-wicking fabrics that can keep you cool. 

Listen to your body

It’s pretty normal to not want to workout. And normally, once we get started, we can push ourselves to the finish line. But during the hot weather, it’s important to listen to your body. 

If you start to feel lightheaded or unwell, take a break. The heat can have a serious impact on your body – including your blood pressure, and it’s best not to ignore this. 

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