When it comes to skincare, we’ll try just about anything. And jade rollers are one beauty item that you either love or hate. To some, it’s just a trendy beauty tool that doesn’t offer any benefits. But other women swear by them. So, what in the world is a jade roller? And should you be using one?

What is a jade roller?

Jade rollers are definitely trending lately, but they’re nothing new. In fact, Chinese skincare routines have included jade rollers since around 600 A.D. Talk about staying power!

As the name implies, the jade roller uses jade – either green jade or pink quartz – and this slender, smooth stone can be rolled along the face, while holding a handle. They’re small, unobtrusive and Instagram-worthy. 

But why would anyone roll a gemstone on their skin?

Benefits of the jade roller

It might be difficult – if not impossible – to find proof that jade rollers work. Nonetheless, people attribute many benefits to this gemstone practice. 

Boost blood circulation

Jade rollers may help to keep skin nourished, bright and youthful. 

Reduce inflammation and puffiness

Skin inflammation can result from environmental pollution, dietary choices, stress, hormones and even skincare products. Jade rollers may help to counter this.

Increase lymph drainage

Like a facial massage, the jade roller is believed to help support the lymphatic system. 

Increase absorption of skincare products

Finally, the practice of jade rolling may also help products penetrate the skin more effectively.

When to use a jade roller

Since the jade roller works like a mini massage tool, it might be a good idea to incorporate it into your nighttime skincare routine. So, after you cleanse and apply your evening serum or facial oil, you can gently roll the jade across your face for a soothing massage before bedtime.

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