If you want to boost your fertility, there are so many natural options to choose from. There are supplements, along with lots of yummy foods to indulge in, like avocado and sweet potatoes. But there are also some very surprising things we women can do to support our fertility levels. And before you start imagining strange voodoo rituals, keep reading for four cool ways to boost your fertility.

Emma Cannon is a fertility expert and for her, lifestyle and positive thinking are important factors when it comes to boosting your fertility. Here are some of her ideas:

Get creative

Getting pregnant and becoming a mother is one big creative act. You can support your innate creative nature by turning on your own creative juices. This will be different for every woman. And one way to figure out how to be creative is to ask yourself, “What do I like to create?” Or “What projects excite me?”

Learn to let go

The more you control things, the more you tend to close up, get tight and invite tension and stress into your life. None of these are ideal if you want to boost fertility. Can you learn to let go – especially of everything you can’t control?

Cultivate a positive mindset

When we talk about fertility, we’re not just talking about getting pregnant. For some women, your fertility goal might be healing your PCOS, or finally experiencing a pain-free cycle. Whatever your fertility goal is, it’s always a good idea to believe that you can have it, and that you will heal and become healthy. 

Keep growing

It’s easy to settle for less – at work, at home, in relationships and in life. Are there ways you can keep growing, expand, challenge and explore? Are there things you’re curious about? Why not chase that curiosity and see where it leads you? 

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